Pack Out Time

We have been really busy with our first pack out, and I anticipate this to be our most difficult because (a) we have no idea what we are doing, and (b) we have a ton of stuff to sort through and figure out what goes where and how. Also, with a toddler and a newborn require multiple towers of diapers and wipes each, and we are trying to have enough on hand to last us through our first post. Continue reading “Pack Out Time”


Little Adventures: Our DC Bucket List

I recently read a blog that relayed the best parenting advice they ever received was “always take the trip.” Always take the trip, it said, and take the time, and spend the money if you have to, because the experiences that you share with your loved ones are invaluable. Those memories are irreplaceable. You have a limited number of years and you don’t want to spend them looking at Facebook or sitting at home watching baseball. Plus, as a parent, my new favorite thing in the world is discovering things for the first time through my son’s eyes, and even rediscovering things I already know. Continue reading “Little Adventures: Our DC Bucket List”

The Pre-Move Job Search

JobSearchWe are not scheduled to ship out to Port-au-Prince until October, but since jobs at the USAID Mission/US Embassy can take well more than 6 months to move through the hiring process, I’m devoting a little bit of time each week to looking for jobs, talking to friends in the community, reaching out to State resources, and updating my resume in hopes that I can secure a position to start in November, a month after we arrive at post. Continue reading “The Pre-Move Job Search”

Our Packing Plan

Now that we know to where we will be moving–pending any, ahem, “current administration” hiccups–our attention has been more focused on figuring out what, and how, we will prioritize, sort, and pack our things that will or will not accompany us to post.

We still don’t know our exact departure date, but we are anticipating a late September/early October leave date. Continue reading “Our Packing Plan”

The Prelude To The Post About Our First Post

Let’s talk a little about Foreign Aid and why I think it’s important (and why I’m here).

Foreign aid and the work that USAID and its partners do directly contributes to our security at home, which is a fact that is widely accepted by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The way USAID has explained the national security strategy (in a simplified form) to its employees is a “3-D strategy” (bear with me here). But I’m not talking about 3 dimensional; I’m talking about the three Ds: Defense, Diplomacy, and Development, and they are each equally important. Continue reading “The Prelude To The Post About Our First Post”