When Diplomom’s Away…Part I (Days 1-7)

H is in DC for a few weeks(!) for training, leaving me here with the kids and dogs. I decided to document things by day, because otherwise I'll forget what happened and when asked I'll shrug and say, "nothing." Also, it's not like I'm having such a tough time parenting solo that I'm counting the …

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This. Is. Haiti.

We have been here for almost 9 months now, and we just extended for an additional 5, so we will be here until March 2020. Despite the security problems in Port-at-Prince which brings restrictions for USG staff and their families, the high cost and unavailability of many foods, and my lack of employment, we are …

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Quick Trip Review: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is the largest, oldest, and liveliest city in the Caribbean. The traffic, sprawled out across 12 lanes on the main expressway, drones on from sunup to sundown. Yet despite the traffic jams and overloaded infrastructure, SD has some real charm and is a vibrant, beautiful city that is steeped in history. The most …

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