A Quick Haiti Update

Given all that has been going on since Friday, I’m compelled to write a short update.

We are well. We have been sheltering in place since Friday afternoon when the protests began. What does “shelter in place” mean? It means that we stay in a secure location (our house, with doors locked) until further notice. Roadblocks quickly materialized throughout PAP on Friday so we are not venturing out as normal to go to the store or out to eat. We are rationing food and water because we do not know how long it will be until we can go out to get groceries.

Around 2pm Saturday, out of an abundance of caution based on local reports, folks in our compound were consolidated at the embassy to shelter in place there. We ended up spending the night in H’s office, and came home Sunday morning, still sheltering in place. The embassy will be closed on Monday.

I’m not going to add fuel to any rumors about the current level of violence in Haiti in general or PAP in particular, but there are some very interesting stories being reported, and rumors are swirling around the US Embassy community regarding what might happen in the coming week. The current guidance, which has not changed, is that we shelter in place, ration food and water, and await further instructions.


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