When Diplomom’s Away…Part III (Days 15-21)

Day 15: Both kids napped! At the same time! It’s a glorious day.

Day 16: I’ve been staying up late every night to maximize my quiet time, which just makes me more tired in the morning. I think I hit a wall today. I was tired and irritable and had no interest in doing anything until noon, but I sort of rallied and at least got the kids fed. Usually I go to the grocery store on Sat or Sun, but I’ll wait until tomorrow because I’m just not feeling it.

Day 17: I slept! I worked out! We went to the pool! And now S has pink eye. Really?!

Day 18: Went to the doc this morning for an official diagnosis for S’s pink eye, and got D’s ears checked because he had an ear infection a few weeks ago and, though he finished his antibiotics, he’s been unusually fussy (that is, fussy). But he’s all clear so maybe he’s teething. Three (and a half) more days.

Day 19: I’m keeping S from the general population because of his pink eye, which means that I also need to stay away from the general population. Update: pink eye has now spread to his other eye, so that’s 2 more days of quarantine. I’m not letting him swim in the cesspool again.

Day 20: I don’t even know.

Day 21: I just finished a 5-hour stand-off to get my toddler to either put clothes on or eat lunch. He finally put clothes on, but didn’t eat. Is that a half win?

Mommy comes home tomorrow!


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