When Diplomom’s Away…Part II (Days 8-14)

Day 8: We went to the pool but were only there for 30 minutes because both boys refused to wear their hats, then we went to the park. There was a birthday party and S got to paint, but then was mean to some other kids so we left early, played on the swings for a bit, then came home. S refused to eat, then refused to bathe. The end.

Day 9: Happy Father’s Day! I tried to convince everyone to let me sleep in but the dogs and kids really wanted to start celebrating at 6am. I made chili and a loaf of french bread for dinner, but I put too much tomato paste in the chili, so it tasted funny. Fail.

Day 10: The leftover chili was better than fresh chili. D’s crawling has improved markedly and rapidly and he is tearing around the house whenever he gets a chance. I couldn’t get out of the house with the kids until around 5pm because it took S 3 hours to eat lunch, and by the time he finally ate, he needed a nap.

Day 11: I’m exhausted. All I want to do is sleep.

Day 12: Time slowed down to a fraction of its normal speed. I fit multiple days into this otherwise innocuous, unassuming Wednesday. On the upside, rainy season has started, and we are getting a good 10-minute downpour plus lightning show every evening.

Day 13: The power went out overnight in the compound. About half of the houses had no water or power for the entire day, and our water was out for about 5 hours while a blown transformer was fixed. I was going to send S to watch a movie with some other kids but he refused to eat his lunch and the clubhouse mysteriously lost its DVD player. He ate his dinner, though.

Day 14: D woke up at 5, so I’ve been half awake/asleep since then. I dropped off S at an art class ran by one of the moms at her house but he ran home crying 3 minutes after I left. D was having a rough morning also until our housekeeper got here (D adores her). Kofi peed on not one but two rugs. Later he peed again, this time in our bathroom.


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