When Diplomom’s Away…Part I (Days 1-7)

H is in DC for a few weeks(!) for training, leaving me here with the kids and dogs. I decided to document things by day, because otherwise I’ll forget what happened and when asked I’ll shrug and say, “nothing.” Also, it’s not like I’m having such a tough time parenting solo that I’m counting the days until diplowife gets back, right? Umm…right…?

Day 1: H wakes up at 5:30am, S wakes up with her, and she leaves for the airport at 6:30am. So far so good. We have breakfast and, due to overlapping naps, I only have to deal with one kid at a time from 9:30am until 5:30pm. This is a good start.

Day 2: I make it through the morning unscathed, and we go to the pool, then have dinner at our friend’s house. Between pool time and dinner, S takes off his diaper and presents it to me (because he peed), then puts his shorts back on sans diaper. He then climbs the stairs to the landing, poops, and pulls down his shorts and starts screaming, “Daddy! I pooped!” We had a little emergency clean-up session, but everything is still good. I can do this.

Day 3: Normal school day–S goes to school, D and I play/eat/nap/repeat until S gets home. We go play in the park, come home and eat dinner (everyone actually eats), then bath and bed early. I let my guard down and let S sleep in our bed while Diplowife is away. S overflows his nighttime diaper before I even get to bed and soils our duvet cover. Fortunately he never sleeps under the sheets, so I just throw the duvet cover off after cleaning him up and changing him, then wash it the next morning.

Day 4: Another normal school day. I run some errands as D naps, and I casually interview a nanny for future reference from our friends in the compound who are PCSing. She thinks I hired her, but she’s too expensive, which I clear up with our friend. Our neighbors are also PCSing and both come over, separately, to tell me how great their nanny/housekeeper/dog sitter/dog walker is. I start working part time next month so I need to start vetting possible nannies for the boys, but maybe we can just give our housekeeper a raise and ask her to come in early and watch the kids until noon every day.

Day 5: I think the kids are catching on that I have no backup. They were out to get me today. It’s only Day 5, and it’s way too early to be paranoid…right? They both are getting blood drawn tomorrow for lead testing. I picked the wrong month to take a break from drinking.

Day 6: Kids? What kids? The World Cup started today!

Current mood

Day 7: S keeps asking where mommy is, and I tell him she’s in America. He says, “oh, she’s in ‘Merica?” We went to the park and I put D in the swing for the first time and he loved it! S even pushed him a few times on the swing! We went to a friend’s house for dinner and we got home slightly later than the kids’ bedtime, and they both fell asleep quickly.


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