Pack Out Time

We have been really busy with our first pack out, and I anticipate this to be our most difficult because (a) we have no idea what we are doing, and (b) we have a ton of stuff to sort through and figure out what goes where and how. Also, with a toddler and a newborn require multiple towers of diapers and wipes each, and we are trying to have enough on hand to last us through our first post.

It sounds so easy. Just sort your stuff into 4 piles: 1. storage, 2. household effects, 3. consumables, 4. what’s in our bags. However, as everyone who has ever moved to a new home (or even to a new desk) knows, it is not quite that simple. Where do our childhood memory boxes go? Which clothes are we bringing? What, if anything, should we donate to Goodwill or try to sell? Should we really bring that sandbox for the kids? What about all of their books? Not to mention, for the kids:  cribs, current and future toys, clothes for growing children, car seats, pack n plays, hiking backpacks. And for us: photo albums, kitchen appliances (yes, I do need 7 different ways to make coffee), wall art, books, electronics, surge protectors, and consumables like bathroom products, non-perishable food, cleaning products, etc. And we need to bring HOW MANY pounds of dog food? I wouldn’t be surprised if FSOs are responsible for much of Amazon’s growth the way that we have been ordering. We think we are pretty well on track, and H’s lists are super helpful in keeping us on plan.

We currently have our backyard storage barn/shed 90% full of two years’ worth of diapers, all kinds of baby things, pantry items, toiletries, cleaning products, dog crates, and consumables, plus an entire house full of normal, everyday things that we are taking with us. All of our furniture is going into storage and we will sell our car before we get on the plane to the Pearl of the Antilles.

We have been sorting things into our piles as we go. Our goal is to use up as little consumables weight as possible so that we can get a good consumables shipment in once we get to post and get oriented. Also, we have been furiously ordering random things on Amazon (I scored a tv stand today—just in case) that we haven’t thought about yet as we go room by room and sort and decide if we really need things or not. It can get pretty cathartic, like when we threw out basically everything in our freezer yesterday

But that’s not all that’s taking our time. We are trying to get the house rented (and keep it presentable for tours), trying to sell the car, arranging for doggy summer camp and travel, etc. Add in a newborn and associated sleep deprivation multiplied by a hyperactive toddler and all those ways to brew coffee are starting to make a lot of sense.


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