Beer: Second Brew

The last time I wrote about brewing beer, I only shared part of the process, which involves boiling and the first fermentation. I left off when the beer was fermenting in the carboy in a spare closet. But there’s more!

After fermenting in the carboy for a few weeks, I transferred it into a bottling bucket using a special beer siphon and gently stirred in some sugar to disperse it without affecting the beer too much.

Empty carboy with the hose and siphon still attached

I then cleaned and sanitized whole bunch of beer bottles and caps, a hose, and a bottle filler. I somehow lost 2 bottles so this 5-gallon batch made 46, 12-oz bottles of delicious beer. Not a bad haul!

Bottling bucket
Delicious, yeasty beer ready to be siphoned into bottles

I hooked up the hose and bottle filler to the bottling bucket and started filling! The spring-loaded bottle filler makes it easy to fill the bottles while minimizing the disruption to the beer. The bottle filler is connected to the bottling bucket via a hose and valve. To fill the bottles, just press down on the bottle filler inside the bottle and the bottle fills up from the bottom. See the videos below for the process and to check out my super sanitary bottling operation.

​I then capped every bottle using only sanitized caps and my bottle capper to cinch down the sides.

Last, I put each bottle back into the box and put them aside for another few weeks. My second brew was a Forbidden Fruit Belgian White, and unfiltered wit beer. The Belgian yeast gives it bready notes and per the recipe I added a some cardamom and orange spice that soaked in vodka for a few weeks, which intensified the fruity flavor.

My next brew won’t be until we get established in Haiti. I’ll have to check my stock but depending on how the move goes, I might opt for a big Imperial Stout to take the edge off?

The finished product–a delicious brew!

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