Haiti Is Going To Be Awesome!

H started French training on February 6th as a “parachuter,” which is someone who drops in and joins a class that has already started. She is allowed to do this because she scored above a certain threshold on her French exam and basically just needs a French refresher.

As part of the training, she is required to participate in this “French Immersion” day, which is basically a day where they set up a bunch of tables for different Francophone countries or regions and each student is supposed to chose a specific topic within a region or country to present at his or her region’s table. 

Of course, H picked Haiti as her country since we have a lot of research to do on Haiti before we go anyway. Specifically, H picked the various tourism activities that one can do in Haiti. We were pleasantly surprised at the abundance of options. We have been talking to a few people who live there now for some insight on life in Haiti, and we got the impression that there wasn’t a lot to do since so many people take off to the Dominican Republic so often. Au contraire! 

We’re discovering that one of the many benefits of living on an island in the Caribbean will be the abundance of water activities and beach options. During her research, H discovered a highly-rated scuba company an hour away from Port-au-Prince, which also happens to be the jumping off point to Île-à-Vache (literally, “Cow Island”), a picturesque island that offers postcard views and white sandy beaches. And if you thought that it could be the only good beach spot, you’d be wrong. There are countless amazing beaches and areas for water activities all along the island’s shores. Also, there are forts, mountains for hiking, lakes, colonial towns, artisan villages, and much more! Below are some names/pictures of places that we are definitely going to visit at some point while we’re in Haiti, but I’m sure we’ll discover much more once we’re there. Also, this doesn’t include all the really cool things there are to do around the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Jacmel: Beaches, history, art, surfing, mountains

Photo credit: thirdeyemom.com

Tortuga: The island of turtles and the land of pirates

Photo credit: 100 islands

Île à Vache / Montrouis / Les Cays: Beaches, ecotourism, hiking, scuba diving, history

Photo credit: L’union Suite

Milot: San Souci Palace, Cap-Haitien, Citidelle Laferriere

Photo credit: LatinAmericanStudies.org

Petit-Goâve: Colonial town, beaches, architecture

Photo credit: Tripmondo

Côte de Fer: Beaches, grottos, mountains

Photo credit: Pinterest 

Camp Perrin: Hiking, waterfalls, countryside

Photo credit: Pinterest 

Labadee: Cruise ship port (so almost didn’t make it on our list), but it has zip lining, so why not?

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean 

Fort Liberté: History, fortress, ocean

Photo credit: Wikipedia 


In conclusion, we think that Haiti is going to be awesome!



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