Our Packing Plan

Now that we know to where we will be moving–pending any, ahem, “current administration” hiccups–our attention has been more focused on figuring out what, and how, we will prioritize, sort, and pack our things that will or will not accompany us to post.

We still don’t know our exact departure date, but we are anticipating a late September/early October leave date. That gives us about 6 months (I know, it’s really 7 but we will need a month to acquire things for our UAB and HHE shipments and other acronyms, which will be covered in future posts) to go through our house room by room and figure out what we want to put in State Dept storage or take to post with us. Most of our stuff is in our large storage shed in our backyard (“the barn”), which will definitely take at least a full weekend to go through and purge.

Our plan is to start at the front of the house and work our way back, then tackle the barn in early spring when it’s warm enough to be outside but mosquitos are still dormant. Hopefully we can get rid of a lot of our clutter in the process!

We are anticipating taking about half a day twice a month to clean out our kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, and we bought some big plastic tubs with locking lids but we need a few more, to keep some things safe in storage since we’ve read that the storage facility we are provided can have moisture issues.

I’ve been doing a lot of research online and looking in FS Facebook groups–especially the Trailing Houses group–to see what people keep and throw out and what they send to post with them. Since Haiti will be our first post, we are going through lists upon lists to see what’s provided and available at post so we can prioritize appropriately. If anyone can recommend any good sources for information besides the lists that the local embassy/mission provide for us, please let us know!


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