Haiti Is Going To Be Awesome!

H started French training on February 6th as a “parachuter,” which is someone who drops in and joins a class that has already started. She is allowed to do this because she scored above a certain threshold on her French exam and basically just needs a French refresher.

As part of the training, she is required to participate in this “French Immersion” day, which is basically a day where they set up a bunch of tables for different Francophone countries or regions and each student is supposed to chose a specific topic within a region or country to present at his or her region’s table.  Continue reading “Haiti Is Going To Be Awesome!”


Our Packing Plan

Now that we know to where we will be moving–pending any, ahem, “current administration” hiccups–our attention has been more focused on figuring out what, and how, we will prioritize, sort, and pack our things that will or will not accompany us to post.

We still don’t know our exact departure date, but we are anticipating a late September/early October leave date. Continue reading “Our Packing Plan”