We’re Moving to the Island of Hispaniola!



Also known as Haiti! As of right now, we’re scheduled to move out there in September 2017, but all of that is subject to negotiation with the Mission. It’s a 2-year post, so we can expect to call this our home until around┬ásummer of 2019.

We are very excited about our assignment to Haiti and here’s why: Continue reading “We’re Moving to the Island of Hispaniola!”


The Prelude To The Post About Our First Post

Let’s talk a little about Foreign Aid and why I think it’s important (and why I’m here).

Foreign aid and the work that USAID and its partners do directly contributes to our security at home, which is a fact that is widely accepted by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The way USAID has explained the national security strategy (in a simplified form) to its employees is a “3-D strategy” (bear with me here). But I’m not talking about 3 dimensional; I’m talking about the three Ds: Defense, Diplomacy, and Development, and they are each equally important. Continue reading “The Prelude To The Post About Our First Post”