My Favorite Place I’ve Traveled

One of my friends recently asked me where is my favorite place I’ve traveled to. I wasn’t ready for the question, and I stuttered and stumbled before “Thailand” just spurt out of my mouth, and then I talked in circles to justify my answer. So to set the record straight, my favorite place isn’t Thailand. Not that there’s anything wrong with Thailand. It is a magical, wondrous, beautiful place, full of amazing people, food, culture, and sights. It just isn’t my favorite. So, besides the U.S. and Mexico, what’s my favorite place? Indonesia.  Continue reading “My Favorite Place I’ve Traveled”


Pack Out Time

We have been really busy with our first pack out, and I anticipate this to be our most difficult because (a) we have no idea what we are doing, and (b) we have a ton of stuff to sort through and figure out what goes where and how. Also, with a toddler and a newborn require multiple towers of diapers and wipes each, and we are trying to have enough on hand to last us through our first post. Continue reading “Pack Out Time”

Little Adventures: Our DC Bucket List

I recently read a blog that relayed the best parenting advice they ever received was “always take the trip.” Always take the trip, it said, and take the time, and spend the money if you have to, because the experiences that you share with your loved ones are invaluable. Those memories are irreplaceable. You have a limited number of years and you don’t want to spend them looking at Facebook or sitting at home watching baseball. Plus, as a parent, my new favorite thing in the world is discovering things for the first time through my son’s eyes, and even rediscovering things I already know. Continue reading “Little Adventures: Our DC Bucket List”

The Pre-Move Job Search

JobSearchWe are not scheduled to ship out to Port-au-Prince until October, but since jobs at the USAID Mission/US Embassy can take well more than 6 months to move through the hiring process, I’m devoting a little bit of time each week to looking for jobs, talking to friends in the community, reaching out to State resources, and updating my resume in hopes that I can secure a position to start in November, a month after we arrive at post. Continue reading “The Pre-Move Job Search”

Haiti Is Going To Be Awesome!

H started French training on February 6th as a “parachuter,” which is someone who drops in and joins a class that has already started. She is allowed to do this because she scored above a certain threshold on her French exam and basically just needs a French refresher.

As part of the training, she is required to participate in this “French Immersion” day, which is basically a day where they set up a bunch of tables for different Francophone countries or regions and each student is supposed to chose a specific topic within a region or country to present at his or her region’s table.  Continue reading “Haiti Is Going To Be Awesome!”